Vision Statement

In keeping with our Mission Statement, our Ten Year Vision is to be viewed as a leader in the delivery of long term care services in a rural community which consistently meets and more often exceeds all requirements of a forty bed long term care facility.

As Orchard View looked forward to the next ten years, several internal factors were considered causing us to ask what will our organization need for management practices; what will our overall structure need to be and how will our planning and decision making within the organization be made. Several external factors were also discussed which lead to our consideration of political direction, economic factors, social matters and future technology and its use in long term care.

Our aspirations to support this vision have been aimed high when consideration is given to all of the internal challenges and potentially threatening external factors, however we believe that our current organizational strengths and willingness to pursue opportunities allow the goals of our vision to be realistic and achievable given our known resources.

Our Community Relationship

Our Community Relationship shall be based on our values as a non-profit organization working in collaboration with the Village of Gagetown and its citizens. Community relations shall be strengthened through establishing a formally structured youth volunteer program to compliment the established volunteer pool. Services shall be extended to include a variety of care service programs to community members.

Our Employer/Employee Relationship

Our Employer/Employee Relationship shall be positive with an open dialogue and fair discourse. Employee programs are supported by management which works for the betterment of employees through wellness, social activities and educational initiatives. As a result, our organizational culture shall be team oriented with a committed employee base that serves as a magnet in recruitment and retention of all required employees.

Our Organizational Leadership

Our Organizational Leadership shall be directed by a Governance structured Board of Directors, a full time Administrator and continued full time Director of Care which is effective, efficient, accountable and responsive to changing circumstances ultimately striving to achieve the vision. Every level of leadership within the organization shall monitor and support the strategic plan while ensuring the provision of quality services to residents and community clients.

Our Financial Obligations

Our Financial Obligations shall not exceed our revenue. We shall continue to work with all supporting organizations to lobby and collaborate with Government to ensure funding issues are known and addressed. Orchard View Long Term Care Facility shall annually receive a financial contribution from the Orchard View Foundation.

Our Technology

Our use of Technology shall be fully integrated into our daily delivery of services. This includes a website as an internal and external communication/education tool and the use of technology to support the delivery of medical services to our residents through a telemedicine program. We shall be receptive to new long term care delivery models led by a nurse practitioner.