Our Values

The following values are statements of what we care about as an organization and represent our most important beliefs. These serve as the guiding principles for all aspects of Orchard View’s operation. They are meant to reflect our character and integrity and set the standard for our employment culture.
In the delivery of resident focused care and supporting services, a respectful and empathic attitude is shown by all employees who are committed to the welfare and safety of our residents and advocate on the resident’s behalf as needed. Employees show a caring and respectful attitude towards each other in which there is concern for one another’s health and safety and overall well-being while in the workplace.
The quality delivery of services is ensured by supporting employee competency with education, effective policies/procedures and processes. Employees and management are jointly responsible for monitoring competency in the workplace and work collaboratively to identify deficiencies.
In a manner that reflects a respectful workplace, employees interact with one another and residents for the purpose of supporting and achieving the organization’s mission, vision, values, goals and objectives.
Orchard View supports, encourages and expects employees to demonstrate, in a consistent manner and in spite of changing circumstances, personality traits that are reflective of the organization’s values.
Orchard View recognizes that all employees can show leadership in their daily role and responsibilities, regardless of their position, by supporting organizational policy and procedures, having a professional attitude and by championing the philosophy of a respectful workplace.
Orchard View recognizes the importance of relationships with the local community, and other long term care facilities for the purpose of supporting one another, sharing resources and developing innovative approaches in long term care delivery.